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You Give Fraud a Bad Name

When the government takes a right away, or makes it harder to exercise, that’s a much more serious offense than an individual’s abuse of her prerogative.

A Texas-Sized Injustice

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about Perry’s behavior is how little he seems to care for evidence.

The Crosses We Bear

I really didn’t want to write another column about Antonin Scalia, but sometimes the crazy fruit is so low-hanging that ...

Scalia’s Bright Idea

This spring, during the first set of oral arguments in the controversial “Hillary: The Movie” campaign-finance case, Justice Scalia floated a novel constitutional approach that would favor the Hillary-hating movie producers but also provide campaign-finance laws with a stronger footing—at least in my estimation.

A New Kind of National Defense

Two important national anniversaries passed recently: 9/11, of course, and 8/29, the date that Hurricane Katrina made landfall in 2005.