Maya E. Shwayder

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Girls Talk

Yes, girls talk. And yes, we talk about the penis size and body quality of the last guy we saw naked.

The Silent Treatment

What I can’t handle is a higher-stakes combination of being stood up by a date without a plausible reason and being given the cold shoulder by a group of middle school girls for no reason.

Cosmopolitan Politician

The Brown phenomenon has brought to light more than just the supposed Republican re-takeover of our national government.

No Sex and the Ivy

Our social lives and our academic success don’t have to be mutually exclusive, but we have chosen to make it so.

Mental Floss

Harvard and University Health Services can counter the stigma many students feel by gently emphasizing during their yearly campaigns that these disorders are increasingly common, increasingly treatable, and most importantly, people want to help you overcome these problems.

A Separate Year

Milan was my fairy godmother. She taught me independence, resourcefulness, and how to not feel inferior to the person in my section who won Jeopardy at age 15, is a concertizing pianist, and speaks seven languages.