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Harvard Pakistani Group Raises Awareness of Flooding

Harvard Students for Pakistan hosted a cultural event on Saturday to spread awareness of the catastrophic floods in Pakistan and raise funds for the approximately 21 million victims.

Report Examines College Tuitions

Over the past year, private, nonprofit four-year colleges reported a 4.5 percent increase in their tuition rates, raising the average private college tuition—including room and board—to $36,993 per year, according to the “Trends in College Pricing” report recently released by the College Board.

Harvard Scientists Study Methane in Deep Sea Brian Pools

In a recent study undertaken to explore the consumption of hydrocarbons in deep sea environments, two Harvard scientists discovered that microbes in the Gulf of Mexico are consuming methane up to a hundred times faster than previously thought.

Study: Money Is An Opportunity For Happiness

Harvard study finds that money buys the opportunity for happiness—but people often don't know what to buy.

Profs. Study Rising Incarceration Rates

The United States has seen a historic increase in incarceration rates, exceeding that of any industrialized nation, according to a recent study co-authored by Harvard Sociology Professor Bruce Western and University of Washington Associate Professor Becky Pettit.

GSAS Applications Reach Record High

The Graduate School of Arts and Science received a record nearly 12,000 applications during the 2009-2010 admissions cycle, the largest number in GSAS history, the school announced last Thursday.

Study Measures Impact of Private Schools

Countries with a higher private school enrollment rate perform better on math, science, and reading exams, but also have lower ...