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The Diplomatic Option

The transport of these weapons will have to occur amid a protracted civil war defined by humanitarian disaster and the previous use of chemical weapons. It will require significant resources to ensure that those weapons are secure. At worst, inadequate protection could lead to the capture and further use of those weapons.

A President's Legacy

At the moment, it remains unclear whether the president will be able to maintain the semblance of a light footprint and of multilateral engagement.

Searching for War on Youtube

Viral content is an endless list of funny gifs and cat videos, strange images and witty lists, but sometimes it can be much more significant.

Sections and Stress

Our culture has received a lot of needed attention recently, from inadequate mental health services to the inherent competition created by over 6,000 of the most ambitious and gifted students in the country. But the academic environment has failed to enter these discussions.

The New Normal

Yet, no one has discussed drone strikes in relation to another critical development of U.S. national security policy, the eroding distinction between war and peace, a topic recently highlighted in the Washington Post’s series on the Permanent War.