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Artist Spotlight: Joshua Redman '91

"What I can say is this: you can't go into jazz wanting to make a solid living or wanting to become well known. Those are just not the reasons that attract people to this music. The people who come to be the most artistically successful and who come to feel the most fulfilled with their work are those with a genuine passion and dedication to this music."

Lotus Plaza Hides Weak Songwriting Behind a Filter of Fuzz

Similarly, behind all the layers of electronic fuzz and distorted guitars on Lotus Plaza’s new album lie dull songwriting and an unskilled, unadventurous musician who consistently confuses loudness with complexity.

MIT Professor Explores Views on Taxes

Andrea L. Campbell, an associate professor of political science at MIT, argued that Americans form attitudes towards taxes based on both rational self-interest and subjective factors at a Kennedy School lecture on Wednesday.

'Album' Is a Potent Cocktail of Violence, Meth, and Bourbon

Woodrell's project is simple: to communicate a detailed, visceral experience of the contemporary Ozarks—their people, their past, their problems, and their often frightening propensity for acts of extreme violence.

Artist Recreates Kafka’s Distorted Reality

In interpreting Franz Kafka and his relationship to reality, Pavel Schmidt creates confounding art.

Berklee Shows Off Its Students

A free summer music series showcases the rigor of the college’s education.