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Suburban Melodrama, Hope in ‘Forgiven’

If anything can go wrong, it will. This statement, commonly referred to as Murphy’s Law, is the underlying foundation beneath the novel “May We Be Forgiven.”


Apple Addresses Critics on Tough, Masterful Release

With its unique instrumentation and spirited, self-reflecting lyrics, “The Idler Wheel” signals a more experimental and darker stage in Apple’s musical development.


Binet Combines Narrative and Nonfiction in Captivating Debut

French author Laurent Binet's ambitious debut "HHhH" transcends all genres by combining personal narrative and nonfiction storytelling while revisiting the gripping story of Nazi SS General Reinhard Heydrich's assassination.


Harvard Folk to Perform at Arts First

Arts First gives musicians at Harvard the opportunity to perform both original and better-known songs in an open setting. The genres of music that will be performed range from classical to pop, many tinged with the flavor of folk, bringing a taste of students’ unique musical sensibilities to the greater Harvard community.


Beat of the Bay: Ghost Box Orchestra

Ghost Box Orchestra’s recording studio is an abandoned freemason lodge.


‘Wicked’ and Ghost Stories Collide in Discussion

Gregory Maguire and Kelly Link’s works highlight just how much creative space the fantasy genre leaves for experimentation.

On Campus

eL Seed Demonstrates Arabic Graffiti

Artist eL Seed visits Harvard to demonstrate his form of "calligrafiti"

On Campus

“Hot Mess” Writer Talk Actually Quite Neat

On March 5, students had the opportunity to sit with Ella Hickson, the critically acclaimed writer of “Hot Mess” and “Eight” to get an inside look into the life of a successful playwright.



Art conservation is responsible for an integral part of the life cycle of a work of art and preserving the artistic vision of these works for history.


World War II Espionage Thrills in “All That I Am”

"All That I Am" tells a story of unrelenting courage among young German revolutionaries in the 1930s. In her first work of fiction, Anna Funder weaves together the half-invented, half-truthful stories of real-life activists to create a gripping tale of political struggles, breathless escapes, and surprising compassion.

Visual Arts

Glimpsing Modern Egyptian History

Seven artists comment on a changing Egyptian society one year after the political riots through a series of videos

On Campus

Recruited Alums Unite for a January JAMSession

This Wintersession, Harvard students have the opportunity to experience a dose of Hollywood and the Boston art scene with the ...

On Campus

Portrait of an Artist: Emily B. Hyman ’13

Emily B. Hyman ’13 discusses her career as an actress in Harvard’s theater community.


Invention Solves Ketchup Dilemma

Gone are the days of vigorously shaking a ketchup bottle to no avail. The cleverly coined SLIPS (Slippery Liquid Infused Porous Surface)—a product created by Harvard University researchers that functions as a liquid-repellent—has recently come out with a new purpose: clearing out ketchup bottles.

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Preview: Out Of Body