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Harvard Researcher Develops New Method for Autism Diagnosis

Researchers at Harvard Medical School have developed a new web-based diagnostic procedure to identify autism more quickly, which they hope will allow clinicians to provide better care to their patients.


Genetic Mutations Linked to Autism

Individuals with mutations in specific genes have a high risk of autism, according to scientists working independently at Harvard, Yale, and the University of Washington in Seattle.

Harvard Medical School

HMS Opens New Primary Care Facility

Harvard Medical School has opened a new Center for Primary Care using funds from a $30 million anonymous donation gifted specifically to improve the quality of primary care training.

Harvard Medical School

HMS Revises Pay Structure

In an effort to respond to what one hospital executive termed a “primary care crisis,” two Harvard-affiliated teaching hospitals will shift their pay structure so that doctors are paid in part based on the number of patients they treat.


Medicare's New Ranking System Raises Concerns at Harvard-Affiliated Hospitals

A new ranking system implemented by Medicare, aimed at identifying hospitals with patient safety risks, is generating complaints from the teaching hospitals affiliated with Harvard Medical School that these assessments provide inadequate representations of the quality of care.


Harvard Researchers Develop SIV Vaccine

Researchers at the Harvard-affiliated Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center recently developed a vaccine for rhesus monkeys that provides immunity against the Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV), a virus found in monkeys that is analogous to HIV.


New Blood Test May Help to Diagnose Depression

A new blood test designed at Massachusetts General Hospital appears to accurately indicate whether a person is suffering from depression, according to a paper published in Molecular Psychiatry.


New Tool To Aid Students Abroad

Harvard rolled out a new travel tool on Monday that will allow the University to better aid students who might be in danger while traveling abroad.

Tourists and Affiliates Respond to Closing of Harvard Yard
Roving Reporter

Tourists and Affiliates Respond to Closing of Harvard Yard

Tourists and Affiliates Respond to Closing of Harvard Yard

Yard Tourists Left Locked Out

Replacing the daily hordes of visitors, student protestors have pitched a small tent city in front of University Hall. They are occupying Harvard Yard.


Harvard Hosts Marrow Drive

Over 160 members of the Harvard community registered on Wednesday for a chance to donate their bone marrow to those in need of a transplant.


Norman Ramsey, Nobel-Winning Physics Professor, Dies at 96

Norman F. Ramsey, a Nobel Prize winner in physics and a former Harvard professor, died last Friday at age 96.


Alumni Invent Calorie Count Tool

Jon L. Noronha ’11 and Eric N. Hysen ’11 have invented a tool to track the calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrates in food by taking pictures. “PlateMate,” as the tool is called, allows users to take pictures of their meals and send them to other people who estimate calorie counts and nutritional information with great accuracy.

Harvard Medical School

Student "Pool Party" Protests Merck

A group of Harvard global health activists staged a protest Friday in front of Merck’s laboratory near the Harvard Medical School to urge the drug company to provide discounted HIV and AIDS medicine to poor countries.


Harvard Graduates Win Nobel Prize in Physics

The alumni discovered that the universe is not only expanding, but its rate of expansion is increasing—a discovery that shook the field of astronomy by overturning the common belief that the universe’s growth was slowing down.