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"Black Sea" Surfaces with Quality Acting

"Black Sea" does not offer anything new, but it offers the old quite well: a stellar performance from Jude Law brings this submarine thriller safely to port.


Harvard's Greatest Characters, at Harvard

With each class of actual seniors graduating every year, we sometimes forget about the fictional characters that have attended our fair university in film, TV shows, and books. Here's what what we imagine they were up to when they were here.


'Gangster Squad' is an Exciting yet Familiar Ride

"Gangster Squad" had a lot of promise, with both a strong premise and a fantastic cast, but fails to capitalize on these, instead becoming bogged down with bland writing and lackluster acting.


‘Kid With A Bike’ Slides into Satisfying End

"Kid With a Bike" chronicles much more than a child with his favorite mode of transportation.


'Safe House' Provides Sound Action and Villains

With a combination of Ryan Reynold’s and Denzel Washington’s superb acting and an unconventional setting for an action flick, “Safe House” provides novel adrenaline.


‘Star Wars’ Does Not Merit 3D Re-Release

'Star Wars' provides thrills to its established fanbase, but a 3D re-release is not necessary.


Darkly Comic "Horrors" Rocks the Mainstage

The cast is both dynamic and engaging, and complements the over-the-top set with some well thought out and nuanced performances.

On Campus

“Passport” Documents Courage

This Tuesday, Sanders hosted the American premiere of “The Turkish Passport.”


The Sea and Cake Bring Eclectic Sound

After a musical career spanning nearly 20 years, the indie-rock band The Sea and Cake is still fresh. In an ...

Harvard Business School

Harvard Business Review Article Goes Viral

Maxwell E. Wessel, a senior researcher at Harvard Business School, did not expect his article for the Harvard Business Review to generate much controversy, but within hours of its publication, it was picked up on Bloomberg Businessweek, and reader comments were being written once every minute for the first three days.

Student Life

Massive Asteroid Passes Earth, Closest Encounter Since 1972

Students gathered atop the Science Center to watch an asteroid approximating the size of a city block narrowly miss a collision with planet Earth.

On Campus

164th Pudding Offers Apocalyptic Farce

The 164th production of the Hasty Pudding Theatricals (HPT), “There Will Be Flood,” will attempt to dazzle the crowd with spellbinding love, redemption, and mission to save the world.

On Campus

Cortese, Aucoin Lead HRO In Spirited Season Opener

The Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra (HRO) opened its 204th season with a dynamic and highly energized symphonic journey. The HRO began the ...


Artists Talk and Hawk Their Wares at Alternative Comics Mecca

For the second year in a row, MICE has attracted independent artists, graphic novelists, and writers hoping to showcase and sell their work.

Visual Arts

The New 52: Detective Comics #1

Can the world's greatest detective start over at issue #1?