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On Growing Up and Being Wrong

I’d thought about military service for years, so applying always felt like a legitimate option. But after running the marathon last year and watching the first responders, I was struck with an urge—not an urge to do something per se, but to be somebody else.

From Athens to Sparta

Exactly one year ago, I ran the Boston Marathon. Today, I took my oath to become an intelligence officer in the United States Navy.

Goldman Wrongly Punished for WECode Support

In its haste to lambast Goldman Sachs once again, the New York Times completely overlooked the company’s generosity and commitment to the noble goal of encouraging women in computer science.

Bloomberg Blowing Smoke

Of course Mayor Gloomberg is trying to repair his image after the local courts struck down his beloved ban on large soda.

Running the Boston Marathon

Perhaps tomorrow or in a few days we will see the face or faces of those behind these attacks. They will flood our minds with hate and disgust. But let us not forget that it was also a day of triumph.

Lessons from the Iron Lady

In her old age, Lady Thatcher lost her life’s two greatest loves: her husband, Dennis, of 52 years, and her indefatigable capacity for reason. Then, on the morning of April 8, 2013, the world lost one of the greatest champions of freedom. And we are the worse off without her. However, the Iron Lady never belonged to us. She belongs now to the pages of history.

Why Conservatives Will Champion Gay Marriage

Spotting a gay conservative is like seeing a unicorn; you’re breathless as you scrounge in your bag for a camera to capture this majestic site. But before you know it, they’ve galloped away.

Clarence Thomas Breaks Seven Years of Silence to Insult Yale

This article is meant to be a general tribute to Clarence Thomas, my favorite Supreme Court Justice.