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We Can't Save the Humanities

This piece was supposed to be titled, “How to Save the Humanities. ”The humanities are in the midst of a “crisis”—this much is clear. Funding for the arts and humanities is plummeting, and the sciences and social sciences seem to have taken the place of standard-bearers for human knowledge and achievement.

What We Wish We Were Doing

To the students who simply don’t know what they want: Harvard has more resources available to helping you find what you love than potentially any other educational institution in the world. There are plenty of classes, student organizations, job opportunities, and Harvard-funded events that can help. There are alumni who have found success (and more importantly, happiness) in careers that may seem unconventional or strange to the current student or newly minted graduate. An open mind goes a long way in self-discovery.

NASA Needs a Rebirth

After all, $30 or $40 billion a year for an institution that transports human beings beyond the confines of our rock is anything but expensive.

Lowell Student’s Belongings Lost

When Caitlin E. Carey ’12 returned to her Lowell House room last Monday, in the midst of celebrating Senior Week and preparing to graduate this Thursday, she found that most of her possessions had disappeared.

Brutality of the Worst Kind

When we identify psychological reasons for horrifying actions, we try to understand them in a deeper way and recognize that we are animals.