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Evaluating Affirmative Backlash

Affirmative action is by no means a comprehensive solution to addressing racial or gender inequality, but it is an important element not because it gives “unfair” advantage to one demographic but because it takes away “unfair” advantage from another.

A Space for Individuality

The new gay-friendly mosque creates a space for men and women to pray together as equals.

Outside Paris

Despite their legal French citizenship, many second- and third-generation North Africans live in overcrowded tenements with their parents and new migrants of Arab or sub-Saharan African origin. They are palpably isolated from mainstream French society.

The Oil Lands

Immigrants in every country undoubtedly face hardships, but the combination of a institutionalized notion of a superior race, the sponsorship system, and virtually no effective laws or government monitoring policies to relieve immigrant workers of these abuses bring the concept of human rights abuse to a new level.

Appearance and Faith in the Muslim World

I am a Muslim, but when I travel to the “Muslim world,” I certainly do not feel like one.