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‘Life’ a Frightening Look at Alien Discovery Gone Wrong

Calvin is a pulsating and terrifying Martian-octopus. He comes to life aboard the International Space Station, after scientist Hugh Derry (Arion Bakare) nurses the beast from a suspended flagellum to a virtually invincible, shockingly bloodthirsty beast.

Bruno Mars Excels in His 1980s Imitation Game on ‘24K Magic’

When Mars tries to bring 2016 into his pastiche, however, the illusion falls apart—the crudity and pop sensibility of some of his verses breaks the spell of his time capsule appeal.

'Dear Mr. M' A Jarring Mystery Without a Clear Conscience

Koch is so capable a literary technician that he manages to mold clichés into an enigmatic and unique intrigue that is simultaneously political and timeless, pulpy and profound.

Arts Vanity Issue: On How 21 is the New 40+

Since I’m about to take my first legal drink (hooraaay...), I decided to dig up some rad dranking shanties from my real-feel year of birth, somewhere in the 1971-1974 range depending on whether one uses exponents.

‘The Cutting Edge 1965-1966: The Bootleg Series Vol. 12’ A Triumphant Glimpse at a Revolutionary Moment

The collection provides further proof of Dylan’s revolutionary zeal and genius assemblage of talent.

Hear Me Out: Beach House, 'Elegy to the Void'

Beach House’s elegy is a restrained, heartbreaking examination of mortality.

'Pawn Sacrifice' Succeeds Due to Its Performances

Though not without flaws, "Pawn Sacrifice" provides a compelling portrait of the enigmatic Bobby Fischer.

Talk of the Titans: Lee Child in Conversation with Stephen King at Harvard

“A writer can be stereotyped much as an actor can—I thought I’d do the second book as different as possible as the first while keeping the same character,” Lee Child said.