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The Good Lie

Good lies are all damned, and they’re damned for good. But you’ve still got to love them.

Give Clean a Chance

It’s Modi who is playing with Pert Plus now, and I hope with all my heart that he finds his elixir.

My Son is a Hippie, But I Still Love Him

Somewhere recently down the line, Americans decided that government is so defunct that the best and most moral among us should avoid it, if not actively oppose it.

Hey! Hey! LBJ! What Can You Teach the President Today?

Many yearn in a dismally nostalgic way about how successful Washington used to be. How a strong, charismatic, slithering executive with ample experience could mobilize a significantly divided, but ultimately competent body.

Hungry Hungry Hypocrites

Declaring that a country’s actions are hypocritical ought to carry as much argumentative weight as pointing out a grammatical error in a 200-page thesis or catching a slip-of-the-tongue during a debate opponent’s speech.

Dreaming of Isolation

Individuals from all shades of the political spectrum frequently toy with the idea of isolationism, and why not? The doctrine seemingly has something to offer to everyone. But the fact that there is virtual consensus on that concept troubles me.