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Harvard Histories: Scandal in the Yard

In four centuries, much has changed. And yet, though tomato basil ravioli soup has waxed and male-only Puritan minister training has waned, one thing has remained the constant since Harvard’s inception: the University’s penchant for news-making scandal.

K-Harmony: “It’s all about harmony in the K.”

From the House that brought us, objectively, this year’s best housing day video and a mildly-disturbing, annual celebration of house spirit called Incest Fest, Kirkland House has outdone itself, yet again, in promoting its revered image by bringing a whole new meaning to the term incest.

211 Pages About The SAT

The College Board has recently released details of a new, revised, and, potentially, improved SAT. In a horrendously long and frightfully dull 211-page PDF file, the College Board divulged details of the upcoming SAT that will be introduced to the stressful, acne-prone, nail-biting world of college hopefuls in the spring of 2016.

The Real Skinny: Harvard Books Not Bound in Human Flesh

Eight years ago, on February 2, 2006, The Harvard Crimson published an unreasonably long, rather boring but cleverly titled article, “The Skinny on Harvard’s Rare Book Collection.” The exposé revealed the identities of three rare books covered in human skin. Get it? Skinny. Skin-ny. HA. I almost chuckled a little.