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Qdoba Burritos

Qdoba stands at the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Linden Street, a convenient location for students near Harvard Yard. Qdoba offers an assortment of Mexican food, including typical burritos and the new cheese smothered mega burrito.

Smoking Fast Service

Smoke rises as employees at Felipe's quickly fill burrito orders for customers. Offering a delicious range of Mexican food products such as quesadillas and tacos, Felipe's burritos are one of the most popular items on the menu.

Chipotle Open For Lunch

Chipotle withstands even the toughest of winter conditions to provide the joy of burritos to customers. Chipotle, a nationwide chain of Mexican food restaurants, is known for its famous burritos and stands at a convenient location in the Square.

Grilled Cheese with Renowned Cancer Researcher Elana Simon

Elana P. Simon '18 grabs a bite to eat with Crimson staff writers C. Ramsey Fahs '18 and Ben G. Cort '18 to share her incredible story about her unique battle with cancer. Simon was diagnosed with a form of rare liver cancer several years ago and has developed methods that are leading to faster treatment.

Fright Night

Costumed Harvard freshmen mingle and dance in Annenberg at Fright Night, held on Friday. Fright Night, a Halloween event hosted by the First Year Social Committee, attracted large crowds of freshmen with candy and music to kick off Halloween weekend.