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Excavating History: Giuliana Bruno and Media Archaeology

“Media archaeology is a relatively new term that defines excavating through the history of media,” Bruno says. “It’s a way to understand where the history comes from and also how that history can be reinvented.”

Lights, Camera, Archive

Tucked beneath the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, the Harvard Film Archive is easy to miss. Yet as one of the most prominent university-based film collections in the U.S., the archive is a cinephile’s gem—one that cultivates a dynamic space for the film-watching community.

'VEGA INTL. Night School' Stylish Fun from Neon Indian

“VEGA INTL. Night School” stands as a glossy new addition to Neon Indian’s catalogue that draws on elements of the past, including the tongue-in-cheek nature of 1980s hits, to push its singular sound forward.

'Poxl West' a Soaring First Flight

Torday’s indisputable, immense talent as a writer and storyteller manage to keep "The Last Flight" from dipping dangerously close to the haphazard.

'Clouds' Provides Ethereal Spectacle

"Clouds of Sils Maria" is a lovely film about youth and mortality that, when it backs away from overt symbolism, provides the sublime subtlety that we want when we watch a movie.