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Harvard, With Its Fossil Fuel Investments, Is Ignoring Science

Comparing Harvard's investment carbon footprint with its campus carbon footprint also demonstrates that divesting from fossil fuels is far from merely symbolic. Indeed, if we accept the importance of reducing our emissions, then we must also accept responsibility for our investments.

Harvard’s Investments in Oil and Gas Fracking

We know about the climate-related research Harvard supports through its facilities and staff. But it is also important to know about Harvard’s own role in polluting activities.

On Divestment, Adopt the Toronto Principle

As an iconic institution, let us not undermine the future of life on Earth. What will it gain us in the end? And what will it cost us?

Shall We Unionize?

Even when administrators are made aware of the problems facing graduate students, experience has shown that the administration simply does not have sufficient incentive to address these concerns promptly or meaningfully.

Three Years Later, Harvard Still Must Divest

The Harvard Corporation’s insistence on investing in fossil fuels gives our Harvard community neither the moral high ground nor the intellectual high ground. We can do better.

On Divestment: Debate, Don't Marginalize

The Corporation’s avoidance of debate has allowed it to take absolutist, illogical, and unsubstantiated positions on divestment.