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Lily K. Calcagnini

Lily K. Calcagnini ’18 is a current Editorial writer and previous columns editor living in Dunster House. Originally from New York City, Lily studies History & Literature and Spanish in Cambridge. Her interests include fashion, art, music, and women’s rights.

Latest Content

Closely Reading Clothes

Why does it matter what we wear? I’m no longer satisfied by the answer I used to give—that our clothes help us present our unique identity to the rest of the world. I think it’s a cliché. Sometimes, we misunderstand. Sometimes, we’re misunderstood.

​Not All Clothing is Fashion

I think fashion receives some undue criticism that is based on serious misconceptions about what clothing could signify if we created and consumed it more thoughtfully.

Put Down Your Phone, Put on Something Spiffy

Struggling to be present is a cultural problem that goes far beyond being underdressed, and we need to deal with it now in a different way than we used to.

Out With the Old, In With Nothing New

Even I, a lover of clothes, think that less is more when it comes to stocking your closet.

A Gold Cloud With Silver Lining

Inanimate fashion objects—be they sweaters, shoes, or necklaces—truly do change when they are worn, and, in turn, change their wearers. I know this for certain now.

Racy, Not Lacy

The lacy Zimmermann dress and not-at-all lacy Calvin Klein underwear are two interpretations of the same definition of attractiveness—one that recognizes that benign details are the most intimate. One that wants us to dress for ourselves.

Dress Responsibly

But in order to talk responsibly about fashion and why I love it, I need to acknowledge that clothing is a tool with considerable inherent power.

Compliments that Count

Somehow, the coat fit like a charm. And though it was attention grabbing in its original form, it was even more so now. It was the kind of coat people would have an opinion about. Likely, many would think it bizarre. To be frank, that frightened me a bit.

Labor and the Color of Its Collar

If my internship gave me the skills I need to apply for prestigious posts, my restaurant job taught me what kind of person I want to be once I’m there.

Friendship and Gambling: On Being Yourself

The point being that friendships are easy to start, but to turn one into the really beautiful, awesome kind, you have to be willing to do more than just smile, or laugh, or even share a living space.