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Brynn A. Elliott

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Mythologizing The Bowies

Maybe the only point in trying to understand death is to understand that this life has meaning


I’m talking about the spreadsheet sidekick seekers. I’m talking about an addiction, not in dark corners, but one accepted in the broad daylight of our campus and sometimes even celebrated.

Google and Real Relationships

At the end of the day we really are all human and full of paradoxes.

American Privilege With An Extra Shot

Going from cosmetics aisle to coffee shop, all I had done in the last hour was consume, buy, spend money on things I did not truly need when so many people in the world barely have access to clean water or own any clean clothes.

'Go To Church Or the Devil Will Get You'

Occasionally, the self-reflection is snapped without warning by the harsh hand of a startling billboard or sign. Signs along our highways in America, especially in the South, can sometimes be provocative or rude or even hateful.

Live Authentic

Maybe that is the power and glory of the road and a Harvard education—or maybe, it’s just life.