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Fall Foliage Step 4

Step 4: After you have completed these crucial steps, check your pic. Is everything on fleek? Now, you are ready to share your magical fall moment with friends and family. Get out there and “wow” them! And don’t ever forget the #nofilter.

Fall Foliage Step 3

Step 3: Lighting is everything. Before sprawling out across your bed for your daily afternoon nap, set your alarm for approximately 3 p.m. When the alarm goes off, don’t hit snooze. Head outside and wait for the moment when the sun peeps out from the clouds just enough to reflect off of the color of the leaves. Snap away!

Fall Foliage Step 2

Step 2: Focus on the angle. You can’t tell your tree to strike a pose, to work the camera or, as supermodel Tyra Banks would say, to smize. You have to do all of the work yourself. Don’t be embarrassed if you have to squat below the tree to get that upward-facing angle you desire. The contrast between the leaves and the sky is worth it. It’s what your followers want to see.

Fall Foliage Step 1

Step 1: Pick your tree. Think of it like picking your life partner, but only more permanent because like your mother always told you, once you post it to the Internet, it's out there for the world to see forever. So make it a good one. It can't be too fat, or too skinny, and not so tall that it doesn't fit in your frame. Oh, and unlike picking your partner, you don't want to see it naked.