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Juan V. Esteller

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​Hookie Culture at Harvard

Harvard students travel from every corner of the globe for the opportunity to study in Cambridge—why can't we take a stroll across the Yard to class?

Man on the Walk

I found it uncomfortable to reflect on how much time it would take this sand in the making to become actual sand.

Just a School

I dedicated so much energy to my aspiration that I became numb to the world surrounding me, and, in turn, constantly reassured myself that the eventual letter I would receive from Harvard would atone for all that I was missing out on in high school.

​Another Stumbling Block

The event scheduled by the Freshman Dean’s Office encourages freshmen to chafe at and retreat from the slightest point of abrasion in their time at Harvard.

The Secular Life at Harvard

Recent changes in the student body at Harvard legitimate the meaningfulness and value of a secular life, and this change may impact society as a whole.