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Nathan L. Williams

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What Gives?

PBHA seems focused on pushing Harvard students to volunteer their time instead of encouraging them to offer their most valuable resource to those in need—their money.

A Love Like Whiskey

Talk to a soldier, and you’ll quickly notice that we’re too damn tired, too damn hungry, and too damn sore to fake any of it.

Road Trip Romance

Love is about finding someone who is compatible—not perfect—and choosing to love them despite their imperfections in the hopes that they may one day come to love you too.

Simulated Suffering

Games like Hearts of Iron IV gamify conquest; they abstract the suffering of war and separates military conflicts from their dark political foundations.


We’ve been deceived by Silicon Valley into thinking that its platforms can grant us happiness. The truth is, we’re mortals with an ever-shrinking amount of time left on earth.

Playing the Wrong Game

As the time for those I love has dwindled, I’ve come to question whether all the time I’ve spent studying was worth anything.

The Plight of the Self-Conscious Gringo

Am I somehow cheating if I claim the Hispanic identity without having shared in its suffering?