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Hansen Shi

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Farewell My Chop Suey

The new Chinese restaurateurs aren’t cash-strapped immigrants trying to turn a profit or sorrowful exiles yearning to recreate a lost home. Sometimes they’re a generation or two removed from their roots, part of a new creative generation empowered to forge a new Chinese American culinary identity.

Exploring Huang’s World

Regardless of what you think of his antics, there is no denying the fact that Eddie Huang is a man of integrity.

Strange Tales from Sanlitun:

The two incidents—the private penetration made public, the public stabbing made private—conflated and intermingled with each other until they were impossible to separate.

Letter from the Motherland

As a Chinese American “coming home” to my motherland, what was I?

The Great Chinese American Novel

Looking back, the real reason why I wished for a Great Chinese-American Novel was because I wanted someone else to do the work of figuring out what it meant to be Chinese-American for me.