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Former Harvard Post-Doc Suing University for Patent Royalties

A former Harvard post-doctoral researcher is suing a chemistry professor whose lab he worked in, alleging that the professor unfairly excluded him from a potentially lucrative cancer treatment patent.

David Keith

Harvard Researchers Launch Solar Geoengineering Moonshot

​Harvard scientists have launched a research program into “solar geoengineering,” a controversial technique with the ultimate goal of reversing climate change.

Zhang Portrait

UC Berkeley Appeals Broad Institute CRISPR Patent

UC Berkeley filed an appeal that challenges the Harvard-affiliated Broad Institute for the rights to CRISPR, a groundbreaking gene-editing technology.

Cabot Library
Student Life

For Some Students, Renovated Cabot Science Library Tops Lamont

Students say they are pleased by the Cabot Science Library's modern look, with some declaring the airy Science Center space now superior to Lamont Library.

HMS Protest
Harvard Medical School

Harvard Affiliates Organize Marches for Science

Harvard students, researchers, and professors are planning concurrent Marches for Science the morning of April 22, joining over 400 demonstrations around the world in support of continued role for science in public life.


Harvard Launches Data Science Initiative

Harvard has launched the Data Science Initiative, a University-wide program that aims to bring together data scientists in different fields.


First Sample of Solid Metallic Hydrogen Lost

A month after two Harvard physicists published results detailing the synthesis of the first-ever sample of solid metallic hydrogen, the researchers have lost the sample after trying to further analyze it.


Stats Department Expands to Accommodate Upward Trend in Concentrators

​After a statistically significant growth in concentrators in recent years, several professors say Harvard’s Statistics Department is reaching its limit.


Metallic Hydrogen Discovery Met With Skepticism

​Two Harvard researchers claim to have synthesized a form of solid metallic hydrogen—but some scholars in the field remain skeptical.


Leaders Discuss Future of Artificial Intelligence

Leading figures in the field of artificial intelligence discussed its present and potential future impact on individuals and nations at the John F. Kennedy, Jr. Forum Friday.


Costumed Children Scramble for Candy at PBHA Event

​Elementary school students poured through the tunnels of Adams House laughing and shrieking at every turn—handling buckets of candy and enjoying a haunted house organized by the Phillips Brooks House Association and Adams House Committee.


Law Professor Recounts U.S. Disputed Elections

​Ohio State University Law professor Edward B. Foley presented his findings on disputed elections throughout history and advocated for legal measures to prevent future controversies at the Kennedy School.


At Vigil, Students Mourn Hurricane Mathew Victims

On Thursday evening, a group of Harvard students gathered on the steps of Memorial Church for a candlelight vigil to honor those affected by the storm.

Damon Clark at Indigenous Peoples' Day

Students Gather in Yard to Celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Harvard affiliates celebrated Indigenous Peoples’ Day with a ceremony that included cultural dances, chants, music, and spoken word to honor Native Americans culture.

CollegeFest 2016

Fenway Park Hosts Local Students for CollegeFest 2016

Instead of the usual peanuts and baseball fans, on Saturday afternoon the baseball stadium was filled with flocks of local college students.