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Auditors Make Use of Informal System

“It’s a great great opportunity to be able to do what I’m doing and I hope I’m not violating any University policy,” said Robert “Bob” Karp ’61.

Kennedy School Lecturer Studies Trump and Rise of Populism

Donald Trump won the presidential election in an upset victory fueled by populist rhetoric, but it may have been less of a surprise for Kennedy School lecturer Pippa Norris​.

Ash Center Fellow Links Democracies in the Americas

In a talk titled “U.S. Policy and the State of Democracy in the Americas,” Peter Quilter addressed current political situations in Latin America and the effects of U.S. involvement in the region.

Two Undergrads Pioneer Performance Venue in the Quad

The former Penthouse Cafe located on the top floor of the Student Organization Center at Hilles has recently been transformed into a hub of artistic creativity.

At Y2Y’s Zumbathon, Dancing Students Raise Money for Youth Homeless Shelter

​Braving dreary weather, dozens of students gathered Saturday in the Science Center Plaza to dance and raise money at Zumbathon, a charity event for the student-run youth homeless shelter Y2Y.