Laura S. Veira-Ramirez

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The Generation Gap

Having my principal deny my request to read my speech in English and Spanish helped me realize I took my parents for granted way more than I’m proud of.

De Pronto Hoy Estamos Aquí y Mañana No

Guests in Our Country

We are still just guests—living out of a suitcase, careful not to pick up too many souvenirs from a country that could decide we have overstayed our welcome at any point.


'White Enough'

I am trying to decolonize my mind. I am trying to reclaim my Latinidad. I am trying to take myself out of this white mold into which I have tried to force myself.


Undocumented, Woman, and Brown

While I found a lot of strength from my undocumented community, now I am finding even more in my community of women of color.


438: The Countdown to Falling Out of Status

Now that they’ve taken DACA from us, we must recognize that this country was never going to fight for us.


I Wear My Pain on My Sleeve

We must take care of ourselves and each other as we take on this pain together. But we are also forced to keep fighting because this is about our futures.


11.3 Million Strong

We have gone through hell and back, but still, we thrive. We know who we are. We know our worth exceeds any statistic.


Why I Left STEM

I remembered how fragile my future became as I watched votes go up for a man who held the fate of my undocumented community in his hands. I suddenly remembered that I had more to worry about than academics.


We Deserve to Be Here

You are all so much more than what they think you are. You are strong and resilient and have earned your place here.


An Open Letter to Undocu+ Freshmen

You will have questions on how to navigate this system as an undocumented college student that not everyone will be able to answer.


I'm a Female Minority at Harvard, and This is Why I Support PC Culture

I’m not sorry that you feel like you can’t freely express your prejudiced thoughts—not when you want to do so at the expense of another person’s existence.


Harvard’s Next President Should Be an Activist

We need someone who will not claim to know what’s best for their students by ignoring what those students—who are actually best positioned to know—are asking for.


Trump Is Still Trash on Immigration

I cannot forget the parents, mine among them, who see no hope in attaining these rights in their own near future.


The Real Fear of Deportation

Fear was present before I even knew what deportation meant—before I knew what it meant to not have papers.


Dissent: Harvard: Where Hate Speech is Welcome

Equating a single individual’s opinion to the same level of importance as an individual’s identity is unacceptable. We cannot afford to “test” the limits of free speech. A very clear line already exists; you are free to your own opinion so long as your opinion does not threaten another person’s existence. The line has been crossed here.