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Laura S. Veira-Ramirez

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The Fear of Writing

As I struggle to reconcile my position as an outsider within, I hope I can do my communities justice with the opportunities I have access to at this institution.

The Weight of ‘Me-search’

This stress is different from academic stress. This one is personal.

All My Clothes Are Queer

All my clothes are queer because they are my clothes. All my clothes are queer because I make them queer.

Future Unknown

My future is still uncertain as I feel the pressures around me to have a plan for what to do after I graduate. Time is ticking for seniors everywhere, but the anxiety about the future hits differently for us.

There Should be No Hierarchy of Concentration

We all made it to Harvard. We all worked hard to get here. But I wonder how many of us feel like we have to over-perform how well we are handling things and how much work we are able to get done.

Know Yourself, Know Your Worth

We must recognize our worth, give ourselves time to rest and heal, and get back out there when we know we can give the world our best selves. With radical resistance comes radical self-love.

What Kind of Community Should We Build?

I have been a student at Harvard for 958 days, and I have seen the silencing of marginalized students far too many times. Bacow has made it abundantly clear that the voices of students don’t matter.

Survivor’s Guilt: Struggling in Silence

As much as we want to say there’s beauty in how we get up and thank our families for teaching us to be strong like them, I wonder what it’d be like to not constantly be trying to survive.

Harvard Runs on Free Student Labor

Our passions motivate us to get involved, but it becomes harder and harder to stay motivated as the stress increases and our efforts are met with administrative inaction.