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As Seen on the Small Screen: ‘Lucky Number Slevin’

What is not open to debate is the sheer genius with which the film’s unpredictable and exquisite plot twist is set up and executed.


As Seen on the Small Screen: ‘Scrubs’

This combination of good and bad character traits result in the protagonists of “Scrubs” being three-dimensional and, thus, lovable.


As Seen on the Small Screen: ‘Gangs of New York’

It creates moments of intense suspense, confusing affection, and pure rage, both for the viewer and for the protagonists.


'Power Rangers' an Unexpected Gem

The newest installment of the “Power Rangers” franchise is set up for disappointment, but it actually delivers.


‘Raw’ as Alluring as It is Repulsive

Once an animal has tasted human flesh, there is no way to guarantee that it will not start craving it: The only possible solution is to put the animal down. At least that is what Justine’s father tells the 16-year-old girl in the French-Belgian horror film “Raw,” directed by Julia Ducournau.


‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Bizarre and Fun as Ever

Upon entering the theater, every guest received a party horn to celebrate the birth of Rocky, a newspaper to shield their head from the rain that poured down on Janet, and a rubber glove to snap just like Dr. Frank N. Furter did in the show.

Legion Episode 1

'Legion' Debut is Immersive and Electrifying

A dark take on the X-Men, "Legion" is visually stunning and emotionally complex.