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Lauren D. Spohn

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​Harvard’s Advising Needs a Nudge

No matter how helpful the resource offices, advising fellows, and websites may be, it won’t make a difference until we make those resources more convenient, advertised, and accessible for students.

Batman for Harvard’s Next President

Instead of asking which candidate has all the necessary expertise, we should ask which candidate will best cooperate with Harvard’s current experts

Notes on the Harvard-Yale Cockfight

If Harvard-Yale became the catalyst for a permanent attitude shift toward gratitude and real community, The Game might actually do more than represent Harvard’s gritty struggle for Ivy League hegemony.

​A Tip From Einstein

We talk about the opportunity cost of extending classes and adding 15 minutes of passing time in between, but what about the opportunity cost of spending four years at a top university, too busy to take full advantage of its intellectual resources?

​In Memory of Wainwright Merrill, Class of 1919

Do we really understand, as a generation, how much we’ve been given?

​Fighting the Shadow Social Environment

In preaching that total inclusion is necessary to build “the Harvard community,” the administration forgets that exclusion, to some degree, is necessary for any community at all.

Pretty Things

What we have is who we are because where our treasure is, there our heart will be also.