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Violent Femmes Album Cover

‘Violent Femmes’ Still Sounds Fresh, But Flails in the Age of #MeToo

“Violent Femmes” serves as yet another reminder that cultural touchstones aren’t morally infallible.

The cover for "Live Through This" by Hole.

Top Five Hole Covers

While Hole is best enjoyed through their original songs, their covers highlight the band’s special style and their respect for other musicians.

'Pin Cushion' still

‘Pin Cushion’ Redefines Horror with Glitter, Lip Gloss, and Kitsch Porcelain

The highly stylized film displays a deceivingly cutesy exterior, stuffed with baby animals and pink everything, but adeptly invites an intimate glance into the most horrifying chambers of human consciousness.

Heart Berries Cover

In ‘Heart Berries,’ an Important Narrative Overshadows Amateur Execution

This book is an exciting step forward for representation in literature, and the arts in general.


‘Tomes of Terror: Lenore’ Thoughtfully Illuminates Spooky Stories

“Tomes of Terror: Lenore” wouldn’t be a very good play. It might be better presented as an audiobook. However, it’s neither.


'Lady Bird' Proves That Teen Dramas Can Be Art, Too

Lady Bird’s love-hate relationship with her hometown is not unique, because everything is a love-hate relationship when you’re an emotionally volatile teenager.


‘The Hunting Accident,’ a Haunting Look at Father-Son Relationships

Illustrations in “The Hunting Accident” go far beyond the standard rectangular panels popular in comic books and graphic novels.


‘Neo Yokio’: When Tweets Become TV

The main purpose of “Neo Yokio” is to provide charming witticisms to briefly chuckle about—but unfortunately, only to an audience that doesn’t extend far beyond Koenig’s Twitter fan base.

Constance Wu and Chelsey Crisp in "B as in Best Friends"

‘Fresh Off the Boat’ is Kind of Corny, But Rightfully So

While a lot of the show is objectively very silly and corny and cliché, it’s still very heartwarming.

Brynn Elliott

Portrait of an Artist: Brynn Elliott

From secretly writing songs on her bathroom floor to playing over 70 shows a year, Brynn A. Elliott ’18 balances being a full-time pop musician with being a full-time Harvard student.

"Concrete and Gold" by the Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters’ ‘Concrete and Gold’ Is Too Much Gold, Not Enough Concrete

The greatest rock musicians are often innovative, frighteningly unstable, excitingly flamboyant, or some combination. “Concrete and Gold,” like the rest of Foo Fighters’ discography, isn’t really any of these things.