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Chloe A. Shawah

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MIT Professor Esther Duflo and Husband Win Nobel Prize

When the women of this campus leave Harvard, I hope that they will be remembered for the professional and personal accomplishments I know they will achieve, rather than just their marital status.

Bstroy Chooses Disrespect, We Still Choose Love

I urge you, the reader, to honor the victims of these tragedies by doing as their families ask: spread kindness. Spread kindness here at Harvard, spread it in your hometowns. Wear it on your sleeve, and take it with you everywhere you go.

Two Bad Strawberries

When asked a question they can’t answer about their position or their opponents’, activists should lose the patronizing tone. Don’t laugh it off, look it up.

White (Not Including Middle Eastern Origin)

White and Middle Eastern are two very distinct races, holding different levels of esteem within American society, and should thus be listed as two separate options on all demographic surveys, including Harvard’s options for racial identification.