Jonathan L. Katzman

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What the Great War Can Teach Us about the Great Pandemic

The world has unexpectedly changed dramatically before and it can do so again. Like WWI, this pandemic will surely end. The question is whether it will have permanent, drastic consequences.

Leave Marijuana to the Market

Though the moratorium was creative and well-intentioned, it was a complete failure in reality. Not only was it unconstitutional as argued by the judge, but it was also based on economic fallacies and misconceptions of the cannabis market.

I Still Don’t Eat Meat, But What Happened to My Idealism?

My New Year’s resolution is to rekindle my relationship with my neglected idealistic side and, once again, answer the “why vegetarian?” question with passion.

We Need More Clubs

At Harvard, social capital is too often under-prioritized compared to academics and extracurriculars. The shortage of social organizations on campus demonstrates this problem.

Distasteful Donations

Isn’t a pristine liberal arts education tainted when financed by a serial child molester or through the oppression of millions of people?