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The Suffering Olympics

It is more important than ever for us to be kind to ourselves and spend even a few minutes allowing ourselves to accept the sadness, fear, and anxiety of the moment instead of numbing or trying to distract ourselves.

Zero Miles Away: Staying Put During Coronavirus

Despite all the sad goodbyes, I rest knowing that after the pandemic subsides, we will once again be zero miles apart to learn and to connect, to share and to inspire, without any health repercussions.

Mind Full or Mindful?

I encourage my fellow students and those intending to improve their well-being to start practicing mindfulness in order to have more groundedness and experience both wonderful and painful times without getting caught up in their own minds.

6195 Miles Away

I miss home, but I am trying to derive strength from my cherished home to be braver in my endeavors at Harvard.

Courage To Be Vulnerable

I hope that we can cultivate vulnerability in our lives, whether it be by opening up to someone or listening to how our friends are really feeling.