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Serena G. Pellegrino

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Relying On Lying Online

Complete honesty is too much to ask for, and it might even go against our nature. Increased accountability and estimation of others, however, especially when we have nothing to gain – now that would be an earnest goal.

Memes and the Art of Nonsense

The power of a meme shouldn’t be underestimated just because it seems like nonsense — nonsense isn’t worthless. It allows us to laugh together. And there’s no nonsense more meaningful than that.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Online

As we live our lives online, we should remember that just because we’re not signing a physical paper contract, doesn’t mean that we’re exempt from the terms of agreement.

The Cult of the Gram

We shouldn’t let mere snapshots dictate our self worth or expectations. Believe it or not, Instagram won’t grant us salvation.

The Plague According to Camus

Life might never feel completely fair. All we can do, then, is take heart in knowing it’s the struggle that counts, and if we fight for life, just maybe this will be relief enough from any plague.

Confessions Without Absolution

We need to cultivate a culture of acceptance in which we can be competitive and eager to succeed, but receptive to the reality that we might not. Rejection is not necessarily a fall from grace.