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Markus I. Anzaldua-Campos

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Now That I’m American

Being American is one of my proudest accomplishments, and those who share the same passion and vigor to become part of the citizenry should only be limited by their love for their new nation — not by the depths of their pockets.

To All the Girls Who Broke My Heart

Every time I’ve had to hear those relationship-ending words, I’ve had to ask myself: was it worth it? Was the breakup worth all the memories the two of you made together? Was it worth sharing each and every one of your dreams and goals with each other? Was all of it together, the euphoric relationship and the devastating breakup, the rise and the fall, the highs and the lows, worth it?

Leave the Flag at Half-Staff

No longer can we endure these massacres. We must demand our representatives ignore the NRA’s corrupt interests and fight for our lives. We must pressure them to intervene against the long-standing discrimination and racism within U.S. policing. Decades of inaction show that change must start with us, the generation that has never known a time without mass shootings.

Why I Wear Hawaiian Boxers to Class

Yet, these unprecedented times don’t feel so unprecedented anymore. They have become our new normal. We’ve become content with Zoom calls and no personal time for rest as our new daily schedule. I’ve fallen into the trap of assuming life will simply be like this for another couple of weeks, months, or years. But no more. I refuse to continue working, studying, and living as if we were in a normal situation. The present bizarre situation deserves bizarre, eccentric, and odd actions to accompany it.

A Letter to Republican Congress: Just Run in Zig-Zag Lines

With every part of my being, I’m pleading with you to prove that you care about students’ well-being. I implore you to at least lighten your pockets from NRA contributions and donate your money, time, and effort to students who have experienced these shootings. I urge you to care for the safety of students will at the very least equal your passion for guns.