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Preserving My Dominican Culture Through Generations

My parents had no choice but to teach their kids Spanish so they could communicate with us, but I will have a choice. And even if my cooking skills don’t ever match Mami’s, I will ensure that my children can read the recipes to me as I follow them.

The Bronx Fire: A Tragedy, But Not An Accident

What makes the Bronx fire particularly tragic — beyond its basic nature — is that it was clearly preventable. When considering both the cause of the fire and the reason it became so deadly, it is evident that hiding behind the headline of a devastating accident lies a larger story of negligence and disregard for human life.

Las Palmas: Not My Dominican Kitchen

As a Dominican student at Harvard, I am disappointed that Las Palmas does not seem willing to run the risk of offering authentic food that would perhaps be rejected by many on Harvard’s campus on account of being too foreign, although I am not particularly surprised.