Jordan A. Sanchez

Contributing opinion writer

Jordan A. Sanchez

Jordan A. Sanchez ’24 is a Physics concentrator in Winthrop House and an editorial board columnist for the fall of 2022. Her column “Everyday Environmentalist” usually appears on alternate Fridays.

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A College Student’s Guide to Shopping Sustainably

Creating a more sustainable world means making changes that are sustainable for you. No one has to do everything, but everyone has to do something. Take the time to buy pieces you’ll wear and care for the clothes you already own. If a beauty queen can be a proud outfit repeater, I have faith that you can too.

Why I Care About Climate Change, and Why You Should Too

If places like Puerto Rico are ground zero, then we are ground one. Any of us can be on the frontlines of climate change. And whether you get your turn on the frontlines or not is entirely dependent on the actions you and your communities take today.