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Vander O.B. Ritchie

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How Education Is Failing Young Men

I worry about the world that kids around me are being born into. The position of men is not just a men’s issue, just as feminism is not just a women’s issue. And education serves as the foundation upon which change is built. It’s time Harvard invested in it.

A Message for Visitas-ing Students

I know there are prospective Harvard students who will feel the same way I did during Visitas: who will feel alone and scared, who will feel that they do not belong. I urge you, if you are feeling that way, to not let it linger. As you spend more time here, and you find the niches in which you belong, you will find a home.

All the World’s a Stage — Harvard’s Curriculum Included

Creativity is a fundamental part of being, and a crucial tool in understanding art, self, and environment. It’s ridiculous that Harvard almost entirely ignores it. As Shakespeare wrote, “All the world’s a stage.” It’s about time we treated it like one.

“Harvey,” or the Virtue of Being Oh So Pleasant

The world is amazing, complicated, and messy. And by far the most amazing, most complicated, and messiest part of the world is people. We have spent thousands of years trying to understand what it means to be human. And the only way we can do that is to listen, and to understand what it’s like to be someone other than ourselves.