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Sharpton Cancels Appearances at IOP

On May 1, a week before the end of the longest sit-in in Harvard history, Al Sharpton, one of New


How to Get Into Harvard

"We think this generation is wonderful in every way, but we worry that unless something changes, we're going to lose


The Winter Break Battle Cry

Disclaimer: A version of this article has been written before. The sentiment expressed in this article has already been articulated.


UC Advises U.S.

We are tired. The anchors, the pundits, retired Floridians and, of course, college kids are tired of Indecision 2000. For


Holding Dialogue Hostage

The most depressing thing about the recent violence in the Middle East is that no one wants to talk about


Keeping Up With the Joneses

Have you looked at any seniors recently? They're dressed pretty nicely, in button-down shirts, khakis, black pants, etc. But they


The Best Worst Job

Dorm Crew. I don't know about you or Dean Lewis, but the first thing that used to come to mind

Confusion in Camp?

Al Gore must be shaking with restrained delight. Why, you ask? Right now, it doesn't seem like he has much

Touring In Disguise

PARIS--In eighth grade Mr. Hendershot asked our social studies class if we thought there was such a thing as an

Don't Waste the Opportunities Harvard Offers

In the back of my closet somewhere is a Kinko's-bound pamphlet entitled "An Unofficial Guide for Harvard Freshmen." No, it

The View From Silicon Allee

PARIS--On the plane to Paris the guy next to me asked the dreaded question: "So what do you do?" My

Some Tales From the Great Beyond

The following responses are from a questionnaire I gave to a statistically insignificant sample of recent Harvard graduates. The margin


Have You Heard of Sophonie?

Sophonie Telcy is a six-year-old girl, whose mother risked everything to remove her from the tiny island country of her


To Thine Own Self Be True

No matter how much Yale tries, it will never be able to become Harvard. Hence the institution's endemic unhappiness. What


The Road From Rodney King

In 1992, four Los Angeles police officers were captured on videotape assaulting and beating a black man by the name