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Early Applications Up to Record High

The Class of 2006 admissions process has officially kicked into high gear, with a record 6,128 applicants vying for a

For Class of 2006, an E-Mail, Not an Envelope

Following the lead of Dartmouth and Yale, Harvard will offer online admissions notification to Class of 2006 hopefuls. The faster

Schools To Post Admit Decisions on the Internet

College applicants have long relied on envelopes—thick you’re in, thin you’re not—as a quick indicator of admission decisions. But starting

Elite Schools May Hurt Applicants

Elite preparatory schools have traditionally sent disproportionate numbers of their graduates to top colleges, but a new study concludes that

Nike, Harvard Enter Into Apparel Deal

The Nike swoosh made its debut at the Coop several weeks ago when the store introduced a new line of

Terrorist Acts Stun, Sadden Harvard Students

After a tense and difficult day trying to get in touch with family and friends, many Harvard students affected by

Committee Letter Urges More Student-Faculty Interaction

First-years opened their mailboxes yesterday to a letter from the Committee on Undergraduate Education (CUE) encouraging them to actively seek

Deans Urge Freshman Seminars

Faculty members will meet tomorrow to discuss a plan to expand the Freshman Seminar program in order to give more

Unequal Resources Burden Psych.

Harvard may be about big things--big names, big buildings, big endowment--but the College is a fickle beast when it comes