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Food and Drink

Think Pinker

If Steven Pinker were redesigning Harvard’s core curriculum, all undergraduates would have to read three philosophers—Descartes, Locke, Rousseau—and then reject

Food and Drink

Something to Talk About

We don’t usually think of editors as artists. Technicians, yes; craftsmen, sure; but artists? That glorious epithet is reserved for


Mastering the Trio

As an exchange student in France, I used to listen to Schubert’s chamber music while setting the table for dinner.



Article to Be Written in Your Head: See Yoko Ono’s retrospective “YES Yoko Ono” at the MIT List Visual Arts

Three Men, One Woman, Five Plays

From the gritty verbosity of Mamet's American Buffalo to the grief and anxiety of Sam Shepard's Simpatico, theater director Jesse

Radcliffe Trust Decides Representation, Grant Award Policies

Members of the Ann Radcliffe Trust, meeting yesterday for the last time this semester, decided the Trust will guarantee representation

Laying Out The Welcome Mat

Installation artist Lee Mingwei wants to make you feel right at home Like snowflakes, works of art are all uniquely

The Last Hurrah Wins No Cheers

If a play takes ten years and three writers to make it to the stage, you can bet that it

Kugel Riffs on Biblical Poesy

As professor of Harvard's perennially popular Literature and Arts C-37, "The Bible and Its Interpreters," James L. Kugel is perhaps

An interview with actor Ewan Bremnar

THC: What attracted you to the role of Julien? EB: It's a very beautiful role, and the script was quite

Spunky donkey a Little Too Funky

Whether you loved it or hated it, 1995's most infamous film-- Kids , a day in the life of sex-crazed,