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Ten Years After the Strike

A FTER 1969 the choices were never so easy. Sure, there was a period of blind backlash in the mid-'70s

A Face From the Past

At dawn one Thursday morning in April 1969, Fred L. Glimp '50, then dean of the College, announced by megaphone

Glimp, Former Dean, Becomes Alumni Affairs Vice President

Fred L. Glimp '50, a former dean of the College, Monday assumed the post of vice president for alumni affairs

Assault on Filene's Basement: A Christmas Fantasy

It had been an ill-conceived idea, I can see now, but it was a fixation. Once that notion had grown

Salmonella: Not Pleasant, But Not Fatal

Salmonella, which has been dubbed the "Harvard trots" in its current outbreak, generally appears after improper food handling, Dr. Nicholas

The Historian as Romanticist

Good storytellers have a way of convincing their audiences that they are describing times that were somehow more vivid, more

Court Blocks Part Of Med Area Plant

Harvard lost a major legal battle with the state yesterday when a superior court judge enjoined the University from further

Flowers for Elvis

S OMEHOW rock'n roll got old. It didn't seem possible that a year had passed since Elvis died--more than 20

Corporation Names Eleven Journalists As Nieman Fellows

The Corporation Tuesday approved the appointment of 11 American journalists as 1978-79 Nieman Fellows, who will spend the academic year

A Mental Block

S EPTEMBER 1967 fell between two summers of racial tension and violence in America's inner cities. Increasing pride and rising

Faculty Approves Core Proposal

"There is a year of planning ahead," Dean Rosovsky said yesterday after the Faculty approved the development of a Core

Bok Defends Corporation, Talks About South Africa

In his first public discussion about Harvard's financial ties to South Africa since the student rallies and demonstrations of last

Then 3500 Marched in Anger

Chapter Two: Usually only the Yale game draws so many vocal students. So when half of Harvard's student body turned

University Maintenance Workers Vote To Begin Wildcat Strike Action Today

Employees in the 300-member union of Harvard maintenance workers, who have been involved in contract negotiations with the University since

Power Plant May Receive New Hearing

Harvard yesterday filed a petition seeking to overturn a state environmental agency's disapproval of the electric generators planned for the