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Pistol Team Meets Resistance In Attempt to Re-Enter Range

The Harvard Pistol Team has been trying for a year to gain readmission to the firing range they formerly used

BIH Lab Receives $2.5 Million Grant

Beth Israel Hospital (BIH) received a $2.5-million grant this month to help finance expansion of a Harvard medical laboratory, Dr.

The Transplant Freeze

The decision of the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) board of trustees to prohibit human heart transplants could discourage other institutions

Research Finds Drug to Treat Heroin Addicts

Two Harvard psychiatrists reported this week that the drug buprenorphine may be a safer and more effective treatment for heroin

Health Care

Voluntary control of health care costs by the private sector and increased emphasis on basic health services will direct U.S.

Experts Urge Nuclear Weapon Control

Climaxing a two-day symposium at Harvard on the medical consequences of a nuclear attack on Boston, American physicians yesterday urged

$1 Million Grant Will Fund Training In Primary-Care Medicine, Geriatrics

The Medical School recently received more than $1 million to train physicians to teach primary-care medicine and geriatrics, a Medical

RUS Petition Urges Affirmative Action To Tenure Women

Reacting to the History Department's recent termination of the contract of Mary Nolan, assistant professor of History, the Radcliffe Union

Head of Pathology Named Farber Institute President

The head of the Pathology Department at the Medical School will become the president and chief executive officer of Boston's

Bursar's Cards

University Food Services saved about $8000 the week after picture I.D. cards were introduced. Benjamin H. Walcott, assistant director of

Cambodia Aid Group Recruits Doctors

Student Activists for Cambodia (SAC) is recruiting medical personnel, including Harvard Medical School students, to work in Cambodia as part

Singer Says Writers Today Stress Theme, Lack Suspense

Most modern writers emphasize motivation and theme rather than suspense and consequently lose the reader's interest, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Nobel

Study of Virus Shows Proteins Control Cancer-Like Growth

A recent study by Harvard researchers on genetic growth patterns has revealed how carcinogens destroy cells inhabited by a virus.

Students Form Group to Aid Cambodia

A newly formed student organization to aid starving Cambodian refugees announced plans yesterday to lobby for legislation in Washington, circulate