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Asexual British Scholars Run Wild in Stoppard's Uber-Witty 'Arcadia'

T om Stoppard's "Arcadia" has everything a Harvard student could want out of an evening at the theater--physics, literary theory,

To Jamie, With Love and Squalor

In the wrenching fourth act of Eugene O'Neill's autobiographical "Long Day's Journey into Night," Jamie, the older brother, grabs the

Playwright Explores Link Between Jazz and Theater

The Institute of Contemporary Art's dual production of two one-act plays by Jeff Robinson shows just how uneven a young

Durang on Life, Lore and Theater

Christopher Durang '71 is a playwright of extremes. His plays and musicals combine sophisticated literary allusion and bawdy sexual humor.


Blue Man Group's stage piece "Tubes" is like a Baptist revival on Mars. Three mute, blue figures muck around at

'Titanic' Tosses Restraint Overboard

Christopher Durang '71s "Titanic" is theater for the id. Chronicling the final, hedonistic days of a dysfunctional family on the

Black is Black ain't

Before he died of AIDS in 1994, Marlin Riggs had amassed an impressive collection of films to his credit: "Ethnic

`Breath' Gasping For a Clue: Center Does Not Hold

As Breath in the Wind written by Jordan Valdina directed by Michael Montoya Starring Mimi Schultz and Neil Farnsworth What

Quirks Make for Fabulous Falsettos

THEATER Falsettos directed by Marc Talusan at The Agassiz Theater Marc Talusan's new production of Falsettos is relevant, witty, and