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H ow long do you have to live somewhere in order to call it home? At least this summer, I'm


It's finally over. Dartboard heaved a sigh of relief this week as our housing lottery came to its epic, grinding

To Better Serve Thy Country

It is with respect and regret that we note the departure from the public sector of Franklin D. Raines '71,

Alumnae Recall Experiences of First Year of Co-Education at Harvard

A quarter-century after their graduation, Radcliffe women find themselves resolving issues from the past and discovering their classmates once again.

Playboy Distribution Choice Angers Women

Several weeks after it came out of the closet and into the light of day on reference shelves, Playboy's presence


"It seemed too tricky, even for an S.A.T. question." So said Colin Rizzio, the New Hampshire teenager who gained national

Harvard 'Nose' Dave: Student on 'Late Show'

Most Harvard students claim they don't have time for breakfast. Joseph P. Weidle '99 eats it with pinache, and last

Raining in Baltimore

I t's Wednesday morning, and it's raining in Baltimore. Pouring; the sky seems to have opened up and dropped a


O f the approximately 1,600 seniors who will receive degrees today from the nation's leading academic institution, a very small

West Cancels Trip After Threat Made on His Life

Responding to a bizarre series of personal attacks and threats, Professor of the Philosophy of Religion and Professor of Afro-American

Ska on the Road, But Not for Long

It takes more to make wishes come true than one little star. In first-year John Natchez's case, it took the

President Dances Night Away

The first-year dining area in Annenberg Hall was packed with people and food last night--but for once, the focus wasn't

Population Expert Addresses HLS

Nafis Sadik, executive director of the United Nations Population Fund and secretary-general of the 1994 Cairo Conference on population control,

Haitian Politics Hit Too Close to Home for Junior

While her fellow government concentrators have wrestled with the intricacies of trade policy and diplomacy, Adams House resident Cynthia Dorsainvil

Harry Wu Speaks at Conference

About 250 students from across North America attended South East Asian Dancing, Kendo demonstrations and speeches by civil rights activists