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A Time When Popular Culture Included the Fine Arts

F RANCE had the French Revolution. And soon after, France also had protracted historical arguments about the legacy of their

The Issues of the Day

G IVE Garry Trudeau credit. At least when he complains that there have been few memorable discussions generated by this

Wolfe's Hard Sell

T HE image of a salesman at the door conjures up a vision both sympathetic and imposing. Not a bad

Wally's World

C ALL it "My Conversation with Wally"--an odd look at the real person behind the carefully-scripted Wallace Shawn '65. A

Power Outage Darkens Quad

A power outage darkened the Radcliffe Quadrangle for nearly an hour last night, stopping term papers in mid-sentence, stranding the

K-School To Limit Role of CIA Researcher

Harvard faculty members will have to watch carefully the role of a CIA employee who will be their research associate

Ford Grant to Endow So. African Niemans

A $150,000 Ford Foundation grant over the next three years will allow two African journalists to spend a year at

No Sign of Break-In Found in Tribe Tap

Investigating the illegal wiretapping of a Law School professor's office phone, officials there said yesterday that they have no record

Bok Makes India Prof. Priority

Calling plans for an Indian Center "far down the line," President Bok said last week that endowing a permanent chair