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"Alysse MacIntyre" Shocked, Amused Law Record Readers

Three years ago, the number one use for the Harvard Law Record was "lining bird cages," says Elizabeth A. Moreno,

Bomb Threat at Holyoke Center Is False Alarm, Police Report Says

A bomb threat yesterday afternoon forced the evacuation of Holyoke Center for about one hour. A University Health Services secretary

Student Wins Gay Rights Scholarship

A scholarship designed to reward the promotion and acceptance of gays and lesbians in the Boston area has named Harvard

Cyclists Can Use Common Bike Paths

Quad residents who bike to class through Cambridge Common will not be subject to fines, despite a city council ordinance

Woods Hole Lab To Escape Budget Ax

Reports in yesterday's Boston Herald that the Clinton Administration surprised lawmakers with a proposal to cut nearly $1 million from

Phi Beta Kappa Society Elects 24 New Members

Twenty-four members of the Class of 1994 were elected last week to the Phi Beta Kappa society. Leverett House and

Goldsmith Prizes Awarded

Investigative reporters who uncovered information about U.S. policy toward Iraq and who reported charges of sexual misconduct by a former

Domestic Partners Get Married Suite in Quincy

A lesbian "domestic partnership" couple will occupy a married tutor suite in the College for the first time next year.

Spring's Here--But Cold Won't Go

As of 9:41 this morning, it is officially spring. But you wouldn't know it from a walk outside, or from