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Knowles and Solbrig Honored for Scientific Achievements

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Jeremy R. Knowles and Otto Solbrig, Bussey professor of biology, recently won

Three Councillors Actively Seek Mayorship

With the mayoral contest about a month away, Cambridge city councillors have begun their political jockeying for the position. Under

Residents Protest Evictions

About 100 Cantabrigians marched from Mass. Ave and River Street to City Hall Saturday afternoon to protest recent rent increases

Clinton Advisor Gives Talk

Angela E. Oh, advisor to President Clinton's Initiative on Race, discussed her perspectives on racial tensions before an audience of

Campbell Wins Award

John Y. Campbell, Eckstein professor of applied economics, is the recipient of the 1997 Paul A. Samuelson Award for Outstanding

Famed Movie Critics Will Entertain at HLS

Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert will be wielding their infamous critical thumbs at Harvard Law School (HLS) this Friday as

Galluccio, Sullivan Plan Campaigns for Local Offices

Although the 1997 elections ended just three weeks ago, reelected City Councillors Michael A. Sullivan and Anthony D. Galluccio already

Council Mulls New Athletic Facility for Rindge and Latin

Cambridge City Council reacted positively on Monday night when vocal residents pushed hard in favor of a new stadium and

Complaints Over Bus Issues Keep Coming

The Cambridge School Committee met last night at Cambridge Rundge and Latin School and discussed the district's current busing policy,