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Countdown To Meltdown...

I MAGINE, if you can, a film like All the President's Men. Woodward and Bernstein, however, have become a woman

'China Syndrome': A Nuclear Thriller Fonda, Lemmon and Douglas Star

W hen "The China Syndrome" opens tomorrow in 800 theaters across the country, the blood pressure of every electric power

Politics By Allegory

I T IS hardly surprising that the first novel to come from the typewriter of the 1971 President of The

Looking for a Job?

It happens every spring. One Harvard student approaches another, asks what he's doing for the summer, and then says that

An Unoriginal Sin

T HE SUMMER between high school and college, I fell in love. Fortunately, I didn't get the girl pregnant. Had

The Winner Is Still Champion

Standing in the marbled corridor outside Room 2227 of the Dirksen Senate Office Building during a break in his confirmation

Making the Big Time, Finally

Hale Champion has made the big time. He eats lunch most afternoons with Joseph A. Califano Jr., the Secretary of

The End Of an Era?

When the Committee on Rights and Responsibilities met yesterday in its first formal session of the year, it had no

Memoirs From the Most Exclusive Club

T HERE WAS ONCE a time when family wealth, a well-known Yankee name and a Harvard education could take a

State Solicits Bids For MBTA Yard

More than 14 months after the Kennedy Library Corporation decided not to build its JFK memorial library on the MBTA

A New Student Generation

For two months, the freshman class has been inching toward a break with the six-year tradition of boycotting the Committee

Notes From the Faculty Room

W HEN THE LATE Ward M. Canaday '08 gave Harvard enough money to build a new dormitory several years ago,

Boycott Waffling

Like snowball fights in the Yard that follow after the winter's first blizzard, the controversy over the student boycott of

The Bureaucracy's Whole Earth Catalogue

A Few More Plums Deputy Administrator of the Bonneville Power Administration Head of the Office of Sea Grants of the

Passing the Baton

T HE SURPRISING THING about the student boycott of the Committee on Rights and Responsibilities is not that it may