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Incestuous Nightmares

Lunge, Grip Written and directed by Eric Kaplan At Mather House tonight and tomorrow U P IN THE SQUARE, Blue

Cinema Veritas

Directed by Evelyn Purcell At the USA Charles "T O BE or not to be ain't much of a choice,"

Cinema Veritas

Directed by Christopher Morahan At the USA Paris A S HARVARD PROFESSOR David Landes might say, much of modern life

Pat Perversions

The Nature and Purpose of the Universe and 'dentity Crisis Directed by Aline Brosh Produced by Sean O'Brien Written by

Cinema Veritas

The Girl in the Picture Written and Directed by Cary Parker At the USA Copley I F YOU WALKED in

Drinks, Anyone?

Water Directed by Dick Clement At the Orson Welles and the USA Copley Place W ATER IS A very funny

Rocky Goes to High School

Lucas Written and Directed by David Seltzer At the USA Charles T AKE A LOOK at the advertisement for Lucas

Ancient Swords and Modern Silliness

Highlander Directed by Russell Mulcahy At the USA 57 S TAR WARS PROVED that, so far as realism in movies

Half Truths

Travesties Written by Tom Stoppard Directed by Will Provost Produced by Brenda Herschbach At North House Through March 15 E