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If you were sick of the "serious" theatre--of playwrights who make love to their anguish; of sonambulists gurgling from garbage

Cocktails With Truman Capote

NEW YORK. When the Ritz Carlton moved uptown to Madison Avene and 61st Street, they changed the name of the

DOWN and OUT in Cambridge

I The Rue de Salaud, Cambridge, seven-thirty in the morning. The timeless, homeward, flat-foot tread of the night-cop down Plympton

The Cambridge Scene

It's the sort of thing you read about in psychological novels. Morris was a young man out of the West

No Exit

No Exit begins at a scream pitch, just under the thin skin of hysteria, and sustains that pitch for an

Procter and Gamble Gives Harvard $100,000

An unrestricted gift of $100,000 to the Program for Harvard College--distributed equally over a five-year period--has made possible the establishment

A Little Magazine with Stature

There are some people who have been waiting since the demise of i.e. The Cambridge Review for hopeful signs on

Guerard's 'Bystander' An Omelette Of Modern French Ironic Writers

The first page resembles Proust--what with tea-rooms, plumcakes, and the paste of sentiment. By page two, the narration switches to

The Cambridge Scene

"Book recommenders cramp my bowels," said the middle-aged cynic, and turned away. But there had been a time when he